We provide everything you need for the kind of break room experience you know you deserve.

office coffee service

From single-cup service with 100% recyclable pods to commercial coffee service and more, we know how to provide the best coffee experience to your staff and your customers.

Don't settle for the big-box warehouse stores or the same, tired coffee deliveries that no one likes. Spice it up without spending a bundle!

water filtration

Keep your staff hydrated and happy with properly filtered water stations placed right where you need them - all cleaned and maintained by our team. Bottle-free filters are now available!



We provide so much more than just coffee grounds. The cost of our coffee (starting at 17¢ per cup) INCLUDES:

  • professional-grade brewing machines
  • cleaning, servicing, sanitizing of our brewing equipment and stations
  • fully managed inventory control
  • delivery of everything you need for your office with ZERO trip charges
  • personal account management
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Eco-Friendly (and Budget-Friendly) Coffee Service


Almost 45% of people dislike the coffee available to them at work.

That stinks. (just like the coffee!)

From bland pots of the same tired, old coffee to expensive, garbage-producing K Cups and everything in between, businesses are left with a nearly impossible equation: finding quality coffee options that taste good without breaking the bank.

The problem? Most Office Coffee Service Providers buy their products from the middle man's middle man; in other words, the lengthy supply chain drives up cost.

We've developed relationships with direct suppliers of some of the best coffee roasters on the East Coast, which allows us to provide unique, delicious, artisanal coffee options at prices that are extremely competitive and, in many cases, less expensive than the bigger brands.

For K Cup needs, we offer a single cup coffee brewer that will brew a variety of cup sizes and strengths of coffee with far more options than a standard Keurig. We only feature K Cups that are Category 5 recyclable, in order to minimize and, ultimately, eliminate non-recyclable waste from our coffee service.


If you're ready for a completely different, absolutely delicious coffee service for YOUR business, go ahead and experience it for yourself! Order our Happy Camper Coffee Care Kit today!


Our K Cup Happy Camper Coffee Care Kit has everything you need to enjoy exciting flavors one cup at a time!


Our Happy Camper Coffee Care Kit for drip brewers features some of our most popular coffee pot varieties!

Happy Camper Coffee Care Kit

*LIMITED BONUS* When you purchase your Happy Camper Coffee Care Kit, you will receive a gift certificate for $30 off of your first order of $300!

Our Happy Camper Coffee Kit offers a delicious first glimpse at the unique, small-batch, eco-friendly coffees that we provide to RVA businesses for their break rooms and office spaces!

You'll receive an ample serving of our most popular brews along with more details about how our services can make sure your team are always happy campers!

Your Coffee Care Kit will be hand-delivered at a time and date convenient to you by a member of our on-the-go service team. While at your office, we can review your equipment, setup, and needs to ensure that your future Happy Camper Coffee Company service puts a smile on your face!

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Say Buh-Bye to Bottles: Introducing POU


Point of use water filtration

The days of hefting (and spilling) heavy bottles of water are long gone. Today, we provide modern water filtration services to local offices looking to deliver the best tasting, cleanest water options to staff and customers alike.

Our commercial water filtration systems strip out "the bad stuff" from your water, but also provide another benefit: ready-to-go hot water! Enjoy teas, hot chocolates, soups, and other break time options with our on-demand hot water (that's filtered, too!).